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Blue Elephant Bud

Blue Elephant Bud

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Blue Elephant Bud


Blue Elephant Bud

Rare Blue Hued Elephant Mother, crossed with Elephant Bud Father


We had only 1 dominate blue phenotype appear while growing out 1000 seeds of Elephant Bud two years ago. We didn’t discard her (she turned out to be female) and we kept her as a mother because she was showing 90% of the desirable stable Elephant Bud genetics, but she had a blue hue in her color and a slightly more berry undertone in her smoke. We didn’t want to dilute her powerful Elephant Genetics by giving her a Blueberry Father to gurantee her blue color, so instead we gave her pollen from the best father out of the 1000 seeds we planted.

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So we are working with the Rare Blue Hued Elephant Mother, crossed with Elephant Bud Father

Then the real work began, we planted 20 offspring for this new small project.

The offspring were all females on the first cycle, terrible news for us, we wanted to hopefully find a male, with the desirable breeding traits specific for this new strain we were trying to create. 100% all female. How unlucky! That is rare and it delayed our release.

Round Two:

We planted 100 of the same offspring looking for a suitable father. We used a different light schedule and got 12 males. Sadly none of these fathers any blue hue’s and they were discarded.


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Round Three:

We took the rest of the seeds, just under 200, sprouted them up, yet under a different light cycle and added a bit of heat stress. 70 males, 3 with blue hues. BINGO! We selected the Shortest and the tallest of the blue hued males.

Round Four:

The cross with the shorter blue hued male father yielded more, it’s buds were denser and had all the traits we were looking for, and the offspring all have the Blue hue.

The taller blue hued male got amazing results too, just not the best traits for indoor growers. It didn’t produce any poor bud, it’s dynamite, just it’s height made the plants a bit too tall. So last summer we planted her outdoors, and just one plant yielded over 12 pounds, and earned the title Blue Elephant Outdoors.

Our employee’s compared both Blue Elephant and Blue Elephant Indoors and 7 out of 8 actually prefer her taste and high much more than our original Elephant Bud.

She yields 1370 g/m2, barely more than the Original Elephant Bud.


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by Penis Hole Date Added: Saturday 02 August, 2014 Amazing product! I would recommend it to anyone who's trying to grow a lot of plants at a great price!..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars] by Sahim Khaled Date Added: Monday 11 June, 2012 fast flowering, heavy production, blueberry smell and heavy potent stone, you can;t even make a decent conversation after toking this. Too potent for me, I don't like becoming a brain dead zombie..

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars [2 of 5 Stars]

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